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Our commitments

DMSL is committed!

For more than ten years in the application of an integrated Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) system, DMSL has considered this a priority in all its developments.
For DMSL, providing sustainable, safe and high quality services while respecting people and property is a daily concern.
A safety advisor from APAVE monitors our activities and conducts internal audits every year.

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Our objectives:

Identify and assess risks to implement a suitable prevention policy

Guarantee good working conditions for our employees

Provide staff with continuous safety training and awareness-raising initiatives

Promote sustainable development and protect the environment

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Health and Hygiene

  • Carry risk assessments to feed the Single Document
  • Carry out the sizing of installations and living facilities
  • Manage relations with suppliers (PPE, cleanliness, etc.)
  • Manage first aid on site and health prevention campaigns
  • Analyse and ensure good working conditions and prevent occupational health risks
  • Improve the ergonomics of workstations
  • Team of Workplace First Aiders


  • Apply the MASE (Company Safety Improvement Manual) standard
  • Evaluate tenders jointly with the customer
  • Advise the Contracting Authority / Project Manager / Engineer
  • Design and lead prevention plans
  • Implement and monitor HSE audits (work site visits)
  • Develop and facilitate staff training in occupational health and safety (safety induction)
  • Implement internal safety audits
  • Monitor non-conformities and implement action plans
  • Analyse work accidents (cause tree)
  • Ensure compliance with customer standards (work authorisations) and regulations (lifting plan)
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  • Ensure and lead the implementation of continuous improvement and the Lean approach
  • Define and ensure the implementation of the Quality policy and objectives at all sites
  • Carry out regulatory and technological monitoring
  • Facilitate internal and external communication regarding the approach
  • Draft specific procedures
  • Analyse results and initiate continuous improvement actions
  • Evaluate services by means of a satisfaction survey


  • Carry out environmental audits
  • Examine the treatment and recycling of waste
  • Manage the storage of chemicals
  • Comply with the REACH regulation
  • Improve energy resources and consumption
  • Prevent accidental pollution
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Safety is our priority!


  • Zero accidents

  • Continuous improvement

  • Develop our certifications